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Arbutus Walk Block Party

The 2nd Annual Arbutus Walk block party was a great success.  The hot dogs and especially the BBQed corn were a real hit however I think the dog parade and competiton was likely voted the most popular.  So many of the Arubuts Walk owners accompanied by their trusty dogs struted the walk proudly, cheered on appreciatively by all.  There is definitely a warm and friendly atmosphere amongst the Arbutus Walk community both old and young.  There are several units available presently in the Arbutus Walk, I will happily arrange to show you any of these if you are interested.  Please check out our interactive website, for easy access click here to view available units.  Click here

The following is a picture of the very well run Dog Parade.  Thank you to Tapestry and the O'Keefe for hosting it.
Arbutus Walk Dog Parade

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